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Tax Increment

TIF Experts

We are experts in the area of tax increment financing -- and we believe it is perhaps the most effective tool available to promote private sector investment in your community.  So, we do alot of it and we do it well.


TIF has a reputation for being complicated and difficult.  There is some truth to this reputation, especially if you do not do TIF every day.  When you partner with DDA, we explain TIF  in terms you will understand.  And we assume full responsibility for completion of each and every task and step in the process. 


  • We collect all the data and information needed to evaluate TIF and evaluate feasibility.

  • We prepare all documents, including plans, resolutions and filing documents.

  • We attend meetings and public hearings, making sure TIF is explained in simple terms.

  • We help you work with the business owners to work out how assistance will be provided.

  • We file the necessary documents with the County, School District and State.

  • We prepare a sample of the first required TIF report for you at no extra charge.


TIF Reporting

Once a TIF District is in place, we stand ready to help you complete TIF reports too.   TIF reporting is more than just an accounting exercise, to do it right requires an understanding of TIF law this is why we include a management report that alerts you to potential problems or issues with recommended solutions to solve them BEFORE they become actual problems.


What about Tax Abatement and other ideas?

Naturally, our services include more than just TIF.  We do alot of property tax abatement, including coordination of city and county abatement partnerships.


Have a potential project?

We make getting started easy.  A DDA representative is available to meet with you, the city council and the business owner to explain TIF and how it might be used for a project.  We will also prepare a preliminary analysis of the amount of TIF a project will generate, show you how the TIF might be used most effectively, and provide a work plan for moving forward.  And if other resources are available for the project, including state and federal grants and loans,  we will show you how to access them.    All at no cost or obligation to you.


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