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DDA provides a full range of finance related and management services to our Minnesota governmental clients. 

TIF & Economic Development


We are TIF specialists.  By using TIF wisely,  cities and counties can partner with business to help good ideas become actual projects.   Dollar for dollar, no other firm comes close to matching our effectiveness or innovation.

Municipal Bond Issuance


There are many sources and options for you to consider.  What's best for you?  We will help you look at these options, evaluate them in light of your specific needs and conditions, and help you choose the one that meets your needs the best. 

Capital Planning


Community needs always seem to exceed  resources, which means smart capital planning is critical.  We can't afford mistakes.  DDA's computerized capital planning model will help you see and understand the impacts of multiple projects on taxes, utility rates & debt levels.  You can proceed with confidence.

Additional Services


Do you need assistance with a budget issue? Need to raise your utility rates for that big sewer project?    Thinking of annexation or consolidation?  DDA offers experienced, sound advice in all these areas and more. 

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