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David Drown

Founder and President

Quality advice -- with a simple focus on you.

I founded DDA back in 1997 with one thing in mind -- providing rural MInnesota government with straightforward, common sense financial help.


If you are like me,  you really don't like how pretentious the public finance business can be.  The notion that all this bond stuff has to be mysterious and complicated is just flat out wrong.  When you work with us, we give you understandable information and good solid advice and assistance.  And we will be there when you need us.


Over the years,  we have grown steadily.  DDA Human Resources, Inc. is now a part of our family.  They provide Executive Search, Compensation and Classification Studies and other HR services to clients throughout Minnesota.   In total, our 14 staff members serve over 400 jurisdictions across rural Minnesota and Wisconsin.  We have worked hard for these clients.  Let us work hard for you too.




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