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Our Service Professionals

As you would expect, all of our team members come with experience in the public sector -- doing jobs just like you at locations just like yours.   We choose to live and work at small town locations throughout Minnesota and appreciate a rural life style -- no big city office or fancy board room for us.  We deliver service to our clients where it is most convenient for them -- on their doorsteps.  Plan to see us often.

Elizabeth Blakesley

Minneapolis Office

since 1997

Tel: 612-920-3320 x105


Elizabeth has been with DDA since the doors opened in 1997.  With a background in lobbying for small cities throughout Minnesota she came with an understanding of the needs of communities throughout Minnesota as well as knowledge and experience working with municipal finance and tax increment.

On January 1, 2022, she took over as Chief Operating Officer of DDA.  And she continues in her role as our Continuing Disclosure Manager.  



Mike Bubany

Spring Valley Office

since 2000

Tel: 612-920-3320 x102



Mike's background in city administration and economic development bolsters his fiscal advisory services with practical experience.  He is known as a "get the job done" guy, praised by his clients for his abilty to explain complex issues in a manner that everyone can understand.


Mike serves many of the firm's clients in southeastern Minnesota.  Mike also manages the low cost MIDI and MICRO loan programs that we run for the MN Rural Water Association.  Contact Mike today!

Shannon Sweeney

Waconia Office

since 2001

Tel: 612-920-3320 x104


Shannon joined DDA in January, 2001.  He came with a broad background in city administration, economic development, and urban planning.  He handles a remarkably broad range of projects for us, including not only conventional public improvments but also publc hospitals and nursing homes,  electric revenue projects, and public housing.


Shannon has participated in numerous industrial development projects and related economic development activities and has provided project financing and grant writing services.


Jason Murray

Parkers Prairie Office

since 2015

Tel: 612-920-3320 x110



Jason's career has centered around economic development at both the city and regional level.  Prior to joining DDA in 2015,  Jason served for 15 years as the Executive Director of the Alexandria Area Economic Development Commission, guiding economic development activities in the region.   He knows the programs and incentives that are effective in rural communities

Jason focuses on services to our clients in west and central Minnesota -- including Region 5 communities that benefit from DDA's relationship with Sourcewell.  

David Drown

Minneapolis Office

since 1997



David started DDA in 1997 with a conscious effort to provide "big city services" to communities throughout Minnesota in a professional yet comfortable manner.  His background in civil engineering, public finance and Tax Increment Finance has helped cities and counties throughout the State complete projects that help their communities grow and thrive.


David continues to serve as President of the company.  He is semi-retired.  He remains available in a managerial advisory capacity.

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